These archived catalogues contain a sample of our extensive stock of Russian/Soviet art and photo related books, journals, magazines, publications, posters and ephemera. All items are subject to prior sale. Contact us for condition reports and prices. Please sign up to our mailing list for special offerings and catalogues.

April 2023

Complete run of SA (Sovremennaia Arkhitektura)

March 2023


February 2023

Selected 1920s-30s Advertising Posters

January 2023


October 2022

Popova Stepanova Rodchenko Meyerhold Theater Posters

August 2022

Near Complete Run of German Democratic Republic In Construction 1951-56

July 2022

Journal Graphics

April 2022

A Rare, Near Complete Run of Building of Moscow 1924-1941

February 2022

Large Run of Soviet Woman Magazine

November 2021

Select Soviet Journals 1920s-30s

October 2021

Large Run of Amerika Magazine

April 2021

Selected Posters

December 2020

Near Complete run of Tvorchestvo (Creativity) 1934-1941

May 2020

Vestnik Teatra

April 2020

1910-1930s Russian/Soviet Publications

February 2020

Large run of “Life of Art” Magazine 1923-1929

January 2020

Mayakovsky’s 1924 Advertisements for Gosizdat

November 2019

LITERATURNAIA GAZETA Near complete run for 1931-45

October 2019


September 2019

The Soviet Pavilion at the 1939 New York World’s Fair

June 2019

Large collection of 1930s Intourist advertising and travel materials

May 2019

Klutsis Newspaper Photomontage

April 2019

Russian Avant-Garde Books and Journals

March 2019

A rare, complete run of SA 1926-1930