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[Zimin, G.] Scriabin in Lukin's Dance. 1922.

Skriabin v tantse Lukina. ( Original lithographs from the series of 10 (+2) lithographs made by G. Zimin on the subject of erotic dances from Scriabin’s music and Lukin’s choreography. 10-1/2 x 7-3/4. Moscow. Ref: E. Kovtun. ‘Avangard Ostanovlennyi Na Begu’ (‘Avant-garde Stopped In Its Run’), Leningrad, ‘Avrora’, 1989) No. 453-461. Grigori Zimin (1901-1985) was a well-known Soviet graphic artist and photographer. He studied at VKhUTEMAS. 1922.